Our Farmers

Following a recent visit to Letefoho, we were able to meet up with some of the farmers in the co-operative group from whom we are sourcing our amazing coffee beans.

It was a great opportunity for everyone to sit together and discuss plans for the upcoming coffee harvest, and how, by working together we will strive to produce the highest quality coffee beans possible.

Discussing the plans for the upcoming coffee harvest
Nestled within the coffee plantation, the storage warehouse is now complete, ready to store all those sacks of delicious coffee beans
Inside the storage warehouse

Working through direct trade has always been the most important factor for Karst Organics. Ensuring that the farmers are receiving the best prices for their coffee, which in return will help them to maintain, rehabilitate and expand their coffee farms, whilst also supporting their families and the local community.

We can therefore have a piece of mind, knowing that we are doing our part in aiding the improvement and development of the coffee sector in Timor-Leste, with full transparency and traceability of the complete supply chain of our coffee beans from seed to cup.

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