About Us


Karst Organics is a specialty green bean supplier focused on sourcing Arabica coffee beans direct from the farmers of East Timor. We are tightly integrated at origin, allowing us to exclusively focus on the exceptional potential that this exciting origin has to offer.

Spending the entirety of the harvest at the farms allows us to concentrate on relationship building with our partner farmers. This investment of time allows us to better understand their expectations, their communities and their culture. Ultimately, this makes our mutual needs more transparent and allows us to be better partners.

Being on the ground also allows us to respond to needs as they arise and offer support where necessary. To date, this has included direct investment into infrastructure at the farm for better processing and storage, and also providing training opportunities focusing on processing specialty coffee.

Through this direct link we are able to ensure complete transparency and fairness throughout the supply chain. We have confidence in our commitment to pay a premium price to our partner farmers for their coffee, knowing that the importance of bean quality will always be our mutual goal.

We are delighted to continue sharing the amazing tastes of East Timorese coffee with specialty roasters and coffee lovers in the UK and Europe. With full transparency and traceability, we truly know where our coffee comes from and who has been involved every step of the way.