About Us


Karst Organics is focused on working directly with farmers in East Timor. 

We aim to make sure that our farmers receive the best possible return on the coffee we buy from them.  We strive to be fairer than fair trade and seek to empower and motivate the farmers of East Timor, encouraging them to be self-sufficient so they can improve the livelihood of their community.

We believe in the farmers and their products, and at the centre of our company we seek to better our relationship with them.  Throughout the year we travel to East Timor to spend quality time with the farmers.  This time on the farm is very important, we learn from the farmers, and they learn from us, creating a relationship based on trust and increased knowledge of our different cultures.

As we put this time into knowing our farmers and understanding their communities we become better partners, making fair trade easier and our mutual needs more transparent.  We also gain a greater understanding of their farming processes and the specific micro-climates for the best harvest of coffee which we then deliver to you, our customer.

Through working together and offering unique products, we are looking to broaden the horizons of the farmers, enabling them to gain greater exposure around the world.

With this in mind you can be sure that the coffee you purchase from Karst Organics has the following values entwined in each cup:

  • Self-sufficiency and independence for farmers and their communities
  • Sustainable development of the rural communities we work with
  • Education in organic agriculture
  • Honouring and healing the earth
Single Origin

Karst Organics coffee is single origin, organically grown, Arabica coffee. Single origin means that the coffee is grown within a single geographic  origin from a specific collection of beans in a single country- East Timor. Single origin coffee is viewed by many to have a unique, individual taste, separating it, for the better, from other coffees.