Altitude: 1850masl

Lead FarmerMaritu & Lucia de Deus

Google Earth Co-ordinates: 8°49’39″S 125°30’06″E

Working togetherSince 2022ProcessFully-washed
Harvest PeriodJune – AugustPackaging30kg (Ecotact & Jute)
No. of farmers7Screen Size17, 16, 15
VarietalTypica, Timor HybridWhat we tasteCardamom, Roasted Hazelnut, Honey

Being located in the most easterly part of the sub-district of Letefoho, Remagoa is one of Timor-Leste’s most remote locations for producing coffee. Situated at a height of 1,850masl, there is no road access direct into this community and so the members of this group are required to not only hike to harvest and process their coffee, but also when we collect their parchment, it then needs to be carried either on horseback or the farmer’s shoulders, to the nearest road so it can then be delivered to our warehouse.

We first began our partnership in 2022 when the lead farmer – Maritu, who has family who are members of another one of our groups – Tau-Rema, asked whether we would be able to give him and his family the opportunity to process and promote the delicious coffee which comes from this spectacular location. Due to its remote location, there was little opportunity for these farmers to sell anything other than their freshly harvested cherries which would require a 2km hike through the dense coffee forests to the closest main road to sell to the first passing truck, meaning that they often only received the lowest commercial price for their cherry.

Now, after 2 years of working together with Karst, these 7 smallholder coffee farmers have worked with great pride in the knowledge that their village and its coffee is being given the exposure it so deserves.

In addition to the increased price received, the members have also received support from Karst, with materials to process and elevate the quality of their coffee, and through regular weekly visits from us and our field manager – Simao, their coffee continues to improve and shows that we are only just beginning to see the potential that this group’s coffee has to offer.

Tau Rema farmer with coffee plant