Altitude: 1500-1600masl

Lead Farmer: Orlando Soares

Google Earth Co-ordinates: 8°50’22″S 125°27’10″E

Working togetherSince 2022ProcessFully-washed
Harvest PeriodJune – AugustPackaging30kg (Ecotact & Jute)
No. of farmers9Screen Size17, 16, 15
VarietalTypica, Timor HybridWhat we tasteFig, Marshmallow, Caramel

2023 is the second year that we have worked with Orlando (lead farmer) and the other members of the Samoro group who were incredibly motivated during this year’s harvest after seeing their coffee from the 2022 harvest being so well received in the speciality market. Lying slightly east of the Cristo Liurai mountain, this community experiences warmer ambient temperatures which in turn results in warmer water during processing. This allows for more concentrated fermentation which we have observed for a second year, produces a coffee featuring slightly bolder flavour notes.    

Samoro coffee plant

Being in such close proximity to each other, all the members of the Samoro group encourage and support each other throughout the harvest to ensure consistency and continuity in their coffee processing. We have continued to support all the members of the group, to facilitate each household with all the materials needed to process high quality speciality coffee.  

As a satellite group of Cristo Liurai, Luis Santos de Jesus (lead farmer of the Cristo Liurai group) has continued to mentor Orlando and implemented record keeping within the group. This allows for more precise and focussed fermentation times for consistency and also drying times in order for us to learn more about how processing needs to be adapted to allow for what climate change brings.

Tau Rema farmer with coffee plant